As part of our High Performance program, we want to focus on ways to help others be healthy in both mind and body. Each month we will focus on a specific topic and provide weekly tips on how to achieve it. We will also be hosting a monthly zoom presentation and/or event that you’re not going to want to miss. Our desire is to not only build great players on the pitch, but to also build great human beings that can handle and adjust to all the challenges of life.  

We are grateful for our trusted partners who share the same vision and will be helping us with this campaign throughout the year. Please take a few minutes to get acquainted with their specialties and jot down their contact information to have on hand. They are here to help your athlete.

PhysioElite is a sports rehabilitation service for athletes, by an athlete. Our pride is providing timely and effective rehab specific to the demands of your sport in order to get you back on the field as soon as possible and stay on the field for as long as possible. Our physical therapist, Wesley, has a wealth of experience working with elite athletes, with his most noteworthy vocation being the physical therapist for the Australian and British Olympic Team for Bobsleigh, during the 2021 World Cup. PhysioElite will provide you and/or your family members with the most satisfying sports therapy in the state, guaranteed.

Welsey Spargo
Welsey Spargo


HeadStrong Consulting is dedicated to helping great athletes become even greater through individual & team coaching, mental toughness exercises and more.


We provide individualized consultations for performers of all industries (athletes, coaches, athletic directors, parents, musicians, dancers, etc.). In these sessions, mental toughness training skills are personalized so each client receives what they are specifically needing to enhance performance. The first session is always a no-cost, no-obligation session where the potential client will learn about what we offer and how it could potentially help to build their mental toughness.


HeadStrong provides sessions to teams as well in as little as one session per team and up to as many as desired: including mental toughness sessions and tips throughout the entire sport season.


The following sessions are for athletes and cover Henschen’s Cardinal Skills of Mental Toughness:

  1. Coaching Mental Toughness
  2. Parenting Mental Toughness
  3. Control
  4. Focus and Concentration
  5. Imagery
  6. Self-talk
  7. Pre-performance Routines
Nicole Detling
Chelsea Rodriguez
Chelsea Rodriguez

College Sports Prep was founded by former 18-year University Soccer coach Justin Wagar. The purpose of CSP is to help aspiring student athletes to find the right competitive and academic fit in college to continue playing their sport for a team. With just the first year of recruits, 2021 grads College Sports Prep helped all 36 of their senior athletes obtain scholarship offers from NCAA D-1 or D-2 schools, the highest percentage of success rate in the country. 85 percent of those student athletes were offered to go play at the NCAA Division 1 level. Most of our players are high level players from competitive club leagues. We analyze and assess the talent level of the player, give feedback, listen to what you are looking for, then work to connect you with good options by reaching out directly to those coaches. We require that you have some highlight film or clips that we can use to help market you, preferably 10 minutes or so, and then we’ll work to shorten that down to 5-8 minutes for the final product we send to coaches. Email, text, or call to learn more about the process and what makes my method so successful.

Justin Wagar