Player-Driven Interventions

La Roca Director of High Performance, Andrew Harestad, has developed a comprehensive player-centered performance model that includes all of the components shown here. Interventions are based on the needs of the player.
Click on a component to learn more about the resources available to La Roca players who seek to improve in that area.


Director of High Performance

Andrew is a Nationally Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach with advanced certifications in speed and conditioning and weightlifting. A native of Germany, Andrew was an All-American collegiate athlete in football and track and field. Andrew applies a variety of methods to help athletes achieve their desired results. His training philosophy is that an athlete must be able to move with extreme efficiency while maintaining constant balance and awareness.

Andrew and his staff are eager to help La Roca teams and players improve their performance. Contact Andrew directly to schedule a session.

Press Release: “La Roca FC Hires Utah’s First Director of High Performance”

Andrew Harestad