Every year, dozens of La Roca FC players sign letters of intent to play collegiate soccer at schools across the country. To date, 19 former La Roca players have played or are currently playing professionally. La Roca is proud to help players achieve their dreams. Using the services of our College and Professional Placement partner, La Roca players can improve their opportunities to be recognized by college and professional scouts.

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The following College/Professional Placement Tips were posted on La Roca’s social media pages.

Having a clear idea of what you’d like to major in will help you narrow down your list of potential colleges. What are your professional or career goals, and what major will provide the education necessary to achieve that goal? If the college you want to attend does not have that major, it might make your four years or more at that college a frustrating experience.

Your grades will change the number of schools that will admit you and the academic scholarship money available to you. It may also paint a picture of your aptitude for learning new things. Do your best in school to ensure more opportunities for where you might be able to play in the future.

Free Application for Federal Student Aid, or FAFSA, is how colleges determine your eligibility for state and federal financial aid. In preparation for your college recruiting experience, visit https://studentaid.gov.

NAIA and Junior Colleges: Coaches at the NAIA and Junior College level have no restrictions regarding contacting an athlete. They are permitted to speak with an athlete at any time. These are also great places to begin your college recruiting experience, so start calling today.

Player ID Camps: Colleges use Player ID Camps for a couple of reasons: to create some income for their coaches and to find talented players that they may not already know about. It’s a great way for the college coaches to see how you play in their system. When you go to these ID Camps make sure to find out which coaches will be there and send them a message telling them about yourself and even include a highlight video, then send them another email as a follow-up after the camp is over.

Getting Started: Now that you have made your list of schools (see post from last week), look at each school and make sure that the cost to attend is within your price range. If there is a school on your list that is more than triple your potential budget, then cross it out, and look for another that fits in your budget. A simple search of “how much does Westminster cost per year” can get you that information fast.

RECRUITING: GETTING STARTED Select 6-12 teams from each college division (NCAA Division 1, 2, 3; NAIA; NJCAA Division 1, 2). When choosing teams to put on your list, select colleges that you would actually consider attending. If you are unsure of where to find schools, visit www.ncaa.org and look for schools in the different divisions, or do an online search for “junior colleges in Utah” or “division 2 colleges in Colorado.”