Athletes need proper nutrition to power them through their demanding training sessions and matches. Professional nutrition coaching from La Roca’s authorized  partner can help a player achieve better performance on and off the soccer pitch.

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The following Nutrition Tips were posted on La Roca’s social media pages.

A common question asked by La Roca FC athletes is how to maintain healthy eating habits during a school day. A good way to keep your energy up is to make a big sandwich with bread (carbs), meat or cheese (protein), lettuce and cucumber (veggie), tomatoes and avocado (fruit). Eat half of the sandwich between classes around 10am and the other half around 2pm.

Planning a post-workout meal BEFORE you begin training. Calculate the number of calories you will burn in your workout and plan a meal with an equal number of calories. Proper nutrition will help you fully recover from each training session and prevent overtraining in the long run.

Remember to have a complete meal for breakfast. Include water, protein, carbohydrate, fruit, and vegetables. Here is a simple omelet recipe: – 3 large eggs – 2 teaspoons water – large pinch of coarse salt – 1 ½ teaspoons unsalted butter Additional ingredients: – Cheese – Herbs – Vegetables – Sliced ham – Cooked bacon

Sleep is the first step to staying healthy and playing your best. When you sleep your body reacts to the stress you placed on it and releases an appropriate amount of hormones to help it recover. The releasing of hormones combined with a healthy diet can prepare the body to handle a tremendous amount of work. Although there are many valid opinions on how much sleep one should get, a good rule of thumb is between 7-10 hours a night at a consistent time.

More pre-game snack ideas . . . Eat the following approximately one hour before activity with water: -Fresh fruit and glass of milk -Small whole grain sandwich filled with honey, peanut butter or hummus -Cereal bar or dried fruit bar -Fruit yogurt and banana or apple -Breakfast cereal with milk -Yogurt drink or flavored milk -Whole grain crackers or rice cakes with a little cheese -Homemade muffins

Pre-game Nutrition: Eating consistent, well-balanced meals is the best way to prepare your body for the rigors of a match. A good meal consists of a glass of water, some light protein, carbohydrates, fruits and vegetables. If you are in a pinch, then a whole food bar such as ProBar can be a good solution.

Dinner: Water, Protein, Carbohydrate, Fruit, and Vegetable (just like breakfast and lunch). If you are like most soccer families things can get a little crazy around dinner time, and getting all of these things into a meal can get tough. Pack some fruits and veggies with you and use that to supplement the “on-the-go” meal.

Lunch: Water, protein, carbohydrate, fruit, and vegetable (just like breakfast). A sandwich is a great option because it travels well and you can fit all of the good stuff in.

BREAKFAST: Water, Protein, Carbohydrate, Fruit, and Vegetable Meal Idea: Breakfast Burrito with eggs, peppers and tomatoes with a glass of water.

NUTRITION: Each meal should have 5 things: Water, Protein, Carbs, Fruit, and Veggie. You should eat 5 meals a day (breakfast, snack 1, lunch, snack 2, dinner).