The world is in a fractured state. Today, too many citizens in too many nations around the world live in fear of, and actually face, death, torture, sexual assault, and economic inequality. This is a major, and sadly, worsening crisis. Refugee Soccer was formed to create and support solutions that combat the tremendous losses of productivity, progress, and hope that result from the massive displacement occurring in the world. Soccer is our secret weapon.

The world is a better place when people, particularly kids, are empowered and motivated to take charge of their lives and reach their full potential. Refugee Soccer focuses on creating moments of hope and happiness through soccer around the world.

La Roca FC is delighted to team up with Refugee Soccer to provide soccer training clinics, life and educational mentoring, and necessities such as food and clothing to help refugees adjust to life in the United States. Refugee Soccer, which has already created a notable track record of helping the refugee community in the US since 2016, will now have additional help.  Both Refugee Soccer and La Roca FC believe that soccer is a universal language. Through the shared love of soccer, we aim to use this beautiful language of soccer to bring together people from different backgrounds, beliefs, and life experiences and build a stronger community comprised of individuals focused on kindness, respect, and goodness.
The primary goal of this new partnership is to promote mutual goodwill between the mainstream community and the large refugee community here in Utah. We will accomplish this by engaging La Roca FC coaches, players, families, and staff to support the refugee youth through various soccer-related activities organized by Refugee Soccer. La Roca FC has already created a strong and well-respected presence along the Wasatch Front with its wide outreach into all parts of the community, which will make serving refugees consistently and reliably easier.
With this exclusive partnership, 11 of our personnel were chosen to visit Holloman AFB to conduct daily soccer clinics for Afghan families.  Unfortunately, our visit was halted two days prior to arriving due to Covid, but that did not stop our efforts to collect and deliver over 400 pair of athletic shoes/cleats earmarked for these refugees.  Our relationship has since materialized into providing clinics for the Utah refugee community and placing 27 kids on teams.