La Roca FC prides itself on sharing all fee information, so player fees for 2019-2020 are detailed below for each region. Due to a successful car raffle fundraiser last year, player fees DECREASED this year compared to last year (see the blue highlighted row for a cost comparison).

Please note that the total cost displayed does not include team fees, which will vary depending on the cost of tournaments, coach travel, indoor training arrangements during the winter (for teams in Salt Lake, South, Spanish Fork), winter leagues, etc. You will also notice that the cost of a uniform is separate. La Roca teams purchase new uniforms every other year.

Player fees may be paid in full or a payment plan of 2-10 payments can be set up before the registration deadline of June 15, 2019. Affinity charges processing fees for credit card payments (2.9%) or e-check payments ($5 per transaction), which will be applied to the payment.

It is important that parents understand that when a player is placed on a La Roca team, that player is making a ONE YEAR COMMITMENT to that team, which includes paying fees for the entire year. All parents must sign a La Roca financial agreement at time of registration stating that they understand the financial obligation they are making to La Roca FC and that they will make all required payments. A player who is delinquent on fees will be removed from the team roster and will not be allowed to play until they are current on their payments.

No refunds will be issued on La Roca fees once a player has registered.

Explanation of Fees:

La Roca Club fee covers the administrative costs necessary to run La Roca FC, and includes special benefits such as keeper training and coach education. The club fee increases with age because the older players receive additional benefits such as College Night and Senior Banquet.

UYSA fees are paid to Utah Youth Soccer Association and include the cost of player insurance, region and league administration, and development of new fields.

Admin fee covers the cost of banking fees for the individual team accounts.

Equipment fee covers the cost of nets, goals, flags, and balls issued to the teams.

Field fee covers the cost of renting game fields.

Ref fee covers the cost of paying game referees.

Indoor Training Facility fee is charged to every La Roca North player to cover up to 2 training sessions per week at the indoor facility in South Weber. The indoor training facility fee increases with age because the older teams are allotted more field space at La Roca Park.

Vouchers is the cost of 5 vouchers to be sold at $25 each. The voucher is good for a combination of RSL/Monarchs/Royals matches and enters the purchaser into a drawing for a new car. This is a mandatory club fundraiser and every La Roca family is required to purchase 5 vouchers (families with more than one La Roca player will only be charged for 5 vouchers). Players are expected to sell the vouchers for $25 each. Players then keep all proceeds from the sale of the vouchers. Players may purchase additional vouchers to sell to offset their La Roca fees.

La Roca Training Fee is what the coaches are paid. The training fee increases with age and level of play because the coaches spend more time training older teams and/or premier teams.

Salt Lake

Spanish Fork