La Roca FC prides itself on sharing all fee information, and, accordingly, player fees for 2024-2025 are detailed for each region using the links below.

Please note that the total cost displayed does not include team fees, which will vary depending on the cost of tournaments, coach travel, winter leagues, etc. Any players that participate in a High School Provisional team will also incur additional fees for fields, refs, and UYSA registration for that additional season of play.

You will also notice that the cost of a uniform is also separate. La Roca teams purchase new uniforms every other year, and 2024-25 is an off year for our uniform cycle. Only new players will be required to purchase uniforms this year.

It is important that parents understand that when a player is placed on a La Roca team, that player is making a ONE YEAR COMMITMENT to that team, which includes paying fees for the entire year. All parents must sign a La Roca financial agreement at time of registration stating that they understand the financial obligation they are making to La Roca FC and that they will make all required payments. A player who is delinquent on fees has 30 days from the date the payment was submitted to pay or come up with a financial agreement otherwise they will be removed from the team roster, and will not be allowed to play until they are current on their payments. Once payment is made, it may take up to 48 hours for roster reinstatement. An additional thirty dollar late fee will be added to the account for each declined payment. If a player consistently fails to meet their fee obligations by the payment due date, La Roca reserves the right to either remove them from the roster or implement any necessary adjustments in the best interest of our club.

Player fees can either be paid in full or through a payment plan of 2-10 payments. The registration deadline is June 15, 2024. Sports Connect charges processing fees for credit card payments (3.1%) or e-check payments ($5 per transaction), which will be applied to the payment. Ollie charges processing fees for credit card payments as well (4.2%).

La Roca has added a more detailed refund policy in the event of future natural disasters, including COVID-19.  The new refund policy states:

  1. If in-person training sessions stop due to a natural disaster or restrictions imposed by the government, the Club will refund 25% of the training fees that have been paid for every month that in-person trainings are canceled.
  2. If league play is suspended for any reason, a portion of the field and referee fees that you have paid and that have been refunded to the Club will be refunded to you in proportion to the amount of the season that has been suspended.