La Roca FC, in partnership with UFirst Credit Union, is embarking on an exciting competition with a heartwarming cause. Every new account opened through this initiative will contribute to the La Roca FC Scholarship Fund. This fund is a beacon of hope for players who may face financial constraints in pursuing their dreams of playing soccer. The support from this fund enables these players to access the resources, coaching, and opportunities they need to learn, grow, and excel in the sport they love.
The competition isn’t just about numbers; it’s about creating opportunities and changing lives. By participating in this endeavor, players, parents, and supporters not only open doors for themselves but also for those in need. The impact of this initiative extends beyond the competition, fostering a sense of community and shared purpose within the La Roca FC family.
This competition offers a unique chance to make a difference. Join us on this incredible journey to empower young athletes, shape futures, and build a stronger soccer community. 

Here are the current bonus promotions offered by UFirst to our La Roca Family. 

You can pick one of these offers when opening a new account:

La Roca $25 Bonus
Available to all players, siblings, parents, and grandparents in our La Roca Family. Go to any branch and let them know you were referred by La Roca and they will deposit $25 into your account immediately once the account is open and you deposit the initial $10.
If you open an account online you will need to reach out to your local branch to have the $25 bonus manually added to your account.
Student $100 Bonus
Available to everyone in the La Roca family that is 14 years old and older that has a current student ID (can be a young player or an adult that has returned to school)
Go into any branch and show your student ID when opening your account and mention the $100 promotion. Once you deposit the initial $10 you will automatically receive the first $50. Your account will be marked with a tracker and if your account is still open 6 months after opening the account, the remaining $50 will automatically be deposited.

In addition to these bonuses, once a student has opened an account they can take in their report card once a year and be paid for their grades!

Pay For Grades Bonus
One time a year your student can take in a printed report card or show their transcript online to any teller and be paid for A’s. Since this can only be done one time per school year, wait until you have enough A’s before taking in your report card. 
UFirst will pay $5 per A (up to 8 A’s in the first year totaling $40). After that first year you will receive money for up to 10 A’s every year that you are a student! 

Competition Rules

  • Must have opened an account in 2023 (at least since we started promoting UFirst account sign ups)

  • Show proof of new account by submitting a picture through Google Form (account creation will be verified through UFirst, only those who have completed the account opening process and have a valid open account will be entered into the drawing)

  • When submitting the Google Form please make sure you fill all required fields. These include the account holders name, player and team, team area, and proof of account.

Competition Prizes:

Each area will be awarded a prize for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place depending on how many accounts have been signed up under the team. There will also be club wide grand prize for the team with the most accounts.

Grand Prize: New Puma Cleats for each Player
Area Prizes
1st: $500 Cash Prize
2nd: Custom Sweatshirts