La Roca FC is proud to announce a finalized partnership with Utah Arsenal FC “UAFC.” By joining forces, La Roca FC and UAFC view this as an opportunity to benefit the membership of both clubs and provide multiple enhanced pathways for all players, coaches, and teams.

Through many thoughtful discussions, key stakeholders from both clubs have weighed the value proposition and concluded that La Roca FC and UAFC are better together than they are apart. The combined, unique strengths of both clubs will provide the ultimate experience for players to grow, develop, and reach the next level.


“Youth soccer in America is evolving and has become more professional,” said La Roca FC’s Founder and Technical Director, Adolfo Ovalle. “I believe that this partnership with UAFC will elevate our club to another level. We are not only growing in numbers, but we are adding some of the best, high-licensed coaches in the state of Utah who are going to bring their knowledge and expertise to support all our teams in the South and make us even stronger. All of them are under the fantastic leadership of Michael Chesler, who has genuinely changed UAFC into one of the most organized and structured clubs in Utah. Bart Preston, member of UAFC Board of Directors, has focused on doing the right thing and has supported Michael every step of the way which has led to the success of this club. I’m thrilled by this partnership, and I believe that the sky is the limit.”
As La Roca FC and UAFC embark on this next collective phase, Chesler went on to state, “I am extremely excited about what this does for all UAFC’s current teams, players, and coaches. We have all put in massive amounts of work over the past 4+ years to get to where we are today by recruiting and developing not only some of the best coaches in the state, but also the country; helping our players become the best players they can possibly be, creating a lasting legacy with our amazing complex that allows all our teams a place to train and play together every day, and building a culture that is integral to the lasting success of the club, coaches, teams, and individual players.”


You can read the full press release here about our new partnership!