This year La Roca FC has 25 teams participating in the 2022 Fall Utah State Cup. We want to wish all of our teams them the best of luck! Come out and cheer on our La Roca Family at the games! You can view the schedule here.

N Gomez – U13
B Harvest- U16
D Acosta- U17
A Bakrim- U19
D Chevez- U15
J Hickman- U16
T Waters- U16
A Ovalle- U17
D Chevez- U19
M Chesler Academy- U13
M Chesler- U13
J Walker Academy- U14
N Gourgel Academy- U15
C Santos- U15
J Milla-U16
J Winn- U16
A Jimenez- U16
N Gourgel Academy- U16
C Botero- U17
M Chesler Academy- U17
C Santos-U18