The safety of all our members (players, parents, and staff) is La Roca FC’s top priority as it complies with the return to play guidelines issued by Utah Youth Soccer Association under the approval of the Utah Department of Health. It is important that everyone do their part to limit the risk of exposure to COVID-19. Please review La Roca’s COVID-19 Guidelines and share this important information with your player(s).

Utah Youth Soccer Association COVID-19 Protocol:

If a player or coach tests positive for coronavirus, the following measures must be taken:

  • Immediately remove player/coach from all team activities
  • Inform the team that someone has tested positive (do not disclose names) and encourage everyone to monitor symptoms
  • Submit a COVID-19 tracking sheet to UYSA (attached)
  • Player/coach goes into 14-day quarantine
  • Player/coach must have two negative tests after the 14-days before he/she can return to team activities

The rest of the team has two options available:

  1. All team activities suspended for 14-days
  2. All team activities suspended until every player has been tested and those with negative results can resume training

If a player has a parent or sibling in the same household test positive for coronavirus, that player must enter the 14-day quarantine process and receive a negative test result before returning after the quarantine period. The same policy applies for a coach that has a spouse or children in the same household. The entire team will not need to be shut down when a players parent/siblings receive a positive test, just that specific player.