Today, La Roca FC announced its partnership with Fundeazy (, so now everyone can afford to play by earning a sponsorship to cover costs.  You’ll never handle a product or money – all you’ll be doing is introducing your supporters to local businesses who are trying to relaunch after COVID-19.  Companies will be spending money on getting the word out, and they might as well give it to your child so they can play the game they love.

The Fundeazy program will officially get started the last week in June.  Here’s a sneak peek on how it works:

4 Easy Steps

  1. Register online.
  2. Share your designated Fundeazy campaign link with your family, friends and supporters.
  3. Supporters go to the campaign page and select one or more of the 16 services they have a need for or are interested in.
  4. Supporters have a virtual meeting or a phone call with a Sponsor. When the meeting or call is complete, you get money!

Absolutely no purchase is necessary. You and your network are NOT being asked for any money. The only thing sponsors ask for is 30 minutes of their time.

Stay tuned as more information will be coming your way.  We truly can’t wait to get started!

As a parent, you can have as many appointments as you’d like, and the money goes to YOUR child!