With more USSF (United States Soccer Federation) A, B, and C licensed coaches than any other club in the state, La Roca is committed to coaching development through mentoring and education programs to guarantee our coaches remain at the top in the state and nation.


A License Coaches
B License Coaches
Other USSF Licensed Coaches
Past Professional Players or Coaches
Accumulated Years Soccer experience

La Roca Coaching Philosophy

To develop players to reach their full potential, to support player advancement, and to deepen the player’s love for the game through the La Roca experience.

The La Roca Way

Every player is important

Correct development creates results

Professional, organized and prepared

Coach and play with dignity

Player Progress Management


Technical Director, Coach, Founder

Adolfo Ovalle is the Director of Coaching and Founder of the La Roca Futbol Club.  After he retired from his professional career, he formed the La Roca Futbol Club on June 1st, 2005.

Adolfo’s passion and dedication to the development of soccer has ensured La Roca has become a nationally dominant soccer program that competes at the highest level.

His exceptional high standards, enthusiasm and soccer philosophy has enabled La Roca to become one of the great youth soccer programs in the country. La Roca attracts the best coaches and players who continue to build upon Adolfo’s vision, which results in exceptional achievements both on and off the field.


Pancho Ovalle
Pancho Ovalle801-390-8340
Director of Coaching, North Premier Teams
Eduardo Oroz
Eduardo Oroz801-529-0120
Director of Coaching, North Recreation


Ahmed Bakrim
Ahmed Bakrim760-889-2477
Director of Coaching, Salt Lake


Ariel Bravo
Ariel Bravo801-686-1068
Director of Coaching, South
Elton Jazexhiu
Elton Jazexhiu801-473-1085
Director of Coaching, South Premier Teams
Kurt Nydegger
Kurt Nydegger801-717-7018
Director of Coaching, South Select Teams


Ariel Bravo
Ariel Bravo801-686-1068
Director of Coaching, Spanish Fork


Tyler Albretsen
Tyler Albretsen801-814-6081
North 2006 Girls
Ricardo Aparicio
Ricardo Aparicio801-941-7083
North 2008 Girls
Ariel Bravo
Ariel Bravo801-686-1068
North 2012 Boys, 2002 Boys
David Bush
David Bush801-837-8336
North 2001 Girls
Thiago Cano
Thiago Cano801-865-1325
North 2011 Boys, 2006 Boys
Burton Cate
Burton Cate 469-667-8960
North 2012 Girls
Todd Cate
Todd Cate757-254-5416
North 2013 Girls
David Chevez
David Chevez801-440-9363
North 2003 Boys, 2004 Boys, 2004 Girls DA
Drake Cook
Drake Cook
Assistant Sports Performance Coach
Felipe Diaz
Felipe Diaz801-499-2256
North 2008 Girls, 2004 Girls, 2006 Girls DA, 2001-02 Girls DA
Francisco Escobar
Francisco Escobar385-519-9831
North 2012 Boys, 2011 Boys
Mike Galbraith
Mike Galbraith801-668-4360
North 2007 Boys
Andrew Harestad
Andrew Harestad801-824-2277
Director of High Performance
Tyler Henley
Tyler Henley801-940-7461
North 2011 Girls, 2010 Girls
Joseph Hickman
Joseph Hickman801-391-6956
North 2007 Boys, 2004 Boys
Tyler Hunsaker
Tyler Hunsaker801-589-2163
North 2009 Boys
Christopher Kent
Christopher Kent801-721-7249
North 2013 Boys, 2012 Boys
Gary Lambert
Gary Lambert801-710-3026
Goal Keeper Trainer
David Lockwood
David Lockwood801-452-3041
North 2004 Girls
Nelson Lopez
Nelson Lopez801-644-1794
North 2009 Boys, 2002 Boys
Courtney Merino
Courtney Merino801-660-9719
North 2007 Girls
Will Morby
Will Morby801-712-7776
North 2012 Boys, 2010 Boys
Najah Odeh
Najah Odeh801-864-4453
North 2003 Boys
Eduardo Oroz
Eduardo Oroz801-529-0120
North 2010 Boys
Adolfo Ovalle
Adolfo Ovalle801-529-6747
North 2003 Girls DA, 2006 Boys
Pancho Ovalle
Pancho Ovalle801-390-8340
North 2009 Girls, 2007 Girls, 2001 Girls, 2005 Girls DA
Kelly Parke
Kelly Parke801-725-8438
North 2002 Girls, 2008 Boys
Alfredo Pinon
Alfredo Pinon801-458-0368
North 2008 Boys
Lei Anne Price
Lei Anne Price801-920-6752
North 2005 Girls
Chad Sackett
Chad Sackett801-400-4121
North 2010 Boys
Craig Sanders
Craig Sanders801-361-6798
North 2003 Girls
Alejandro Vazquez
Alejandro Vazquez801-686-7708
North 2010 Boys, 2005 Boys
Tory Waters
Tory Waters801-309-4186
North 2003 Girls, 2001 Boys
Heidi Wheelwright
Heidi Wheelwright801-589-8444
North 2011 Girls, 2007 Boys


Danilo Acosta
Danilo Acosta801-638-1748
Salt Lake 2010 Boys, 2008 Boys, 2006 Boys
Ahmed Bakrim
Ahmed Bakrim760-889-2477
Salt Lake 2007 Boys, 2005 Boys
Eliana Cortes
Eliana Cortes801-205-9544
Salt Lake 2008 Girls, 2008 Boys
Hector Cortes
Hector Cortes801-560-7972
Salt Lake 2011 Boys
Nefi Gomez
Nefi Gomez801-557-5822
Salt Lake 2010 Boys, 2009 Boys
Ivan Guerrero
Ivan Guerrero801-824-8163
Salt Lake 2008 Girls, 2005 Girls, 2012 Boys, 2008 Boys
Nelson Lopez
Nelson Lopez801-644-1794
Salt Lake 2002 Boys
Trisha Roberts
Trisha Roberts801-718-7508
Salt Lake 2004 Girls, 2003 Girls
Eric Ruiz
Eric Ruiz801-634-9400
Salt Lake 2011 Boys, 2010 Boys
Armando Uribe
Armando Uribe801-913-1037
Salt Lake 2002 Boys


Josue Abarca
Josue Abarca385-208-0310
South 2006 Girls
Flavio Bleinat
Flavio Bleinat385-223-4875
South 2010 Girls, 2009 Girls, 2008 Girls
Cesar Botero
Cesar Botero801-856-9905
South 2008 Boys, 2006 Boys, 2004 Boys
Ariel Bravo
Ariel Bravo801-686-1068
South 2006 Girls, 2003 Girls
Madison Gates
Madison Gates435-764-3566
South 2011 Girls
Eric Gonzalez
Eric Gonzalez801-636-9623
South 2002 Boys
Mario Hernandez
Mario Hernandez801-884-2455
South 2010 Boys, 2007 Boys
Elton Jazexhiu
Elton Jazexhiu801-473-1085
South 2005 Girls, 2005 Boys
Hailame Kaufusi
Hailame Kaufusi801-369-4688
South 2002 Boys
Jose Milla-Garcia
Jose Milla-Garcia801-661-7476
South 2011 Boys, 2007 Boys
Jeff Miller
Jeff Miller801-637-8511
South 2011 Boys
Daniel Morton
Daniel Morton435-828-5122
South 2011 Boys
Rafael Novoa
Rafael Novoa385-242-1910
Goal Keeper Coach
Kurt Nydegger
Kurt Nydegger801-717-7018
South 2006 Girls, 2011 Boys, 2010 Boys
Raphael Oliveira
Raphael Oliveira801-318-5112
South 2007 Boys
Celso Santos
Celso Santos801-427-3333
South 2008 Boys, 2006 Boys, 2005 Boys, 2003 Boys
Fabricio Soares
Fabricio Soares801-874-7296
South 2009 Boys
Christopher Theurer
Christopher Theurer801-450-2944
South 2005 Girls
David Walker
David Walker973-336-4522
South 2010 Boys, 2009 Boys, 2006 Boys
Doug Webb
Doug Webb801-473-6544
South 2011 Girls


Spencer Andersen
Spencer Andersen801-835-1088
Spanish Fork 2003 Girls
Trent Davies
Trent Davies801-885-9466
Spanish Fork 2008 Girls
Tabrina Dean
Tabrina Dean801-427-3030
Spanish Fork 2009 Boys
Brian Ewell
Brian Ewell801-472-1613
Spanish Fork 2001 Girls, 2011 Boys
Matt Harris
Matt Harris801-636-3191
Spanish Fork 2005 Girls
Ryan Lemon
Ryan Lemon801-358-5439
Spanish Fork 2010 Boys, 2009 Boys, 2006 Boys
Jeremy Lloyd
Jeremy Lloyd801-592-8042
Spanish Fork 2011 Girls
Dallas Proctor
Dallas Proctor801-499-1388
Spanish Fork 2006 Girls
Jeremey Sifuentes
Jeremey Sifuentes801-369-1180
Spanish Fork 2008 Boys