Competitive Soccer

La Roca Futbol Club

The La Roca Futbol Club was established in June 2005 to provide a competitive youth soccer program in Utah. La Roca is looking for the serious youth soccer player who desires an opportunity to develop and showcase his/her skills to the fullest potential. La Roca offers players a chance to play at the highest level of state competition and participate in various regional/national tournaments. Many La Roca players go on to play college soccer at NCAA Division I, II & III colleges as well as NAIA and Junior Colleges.

In addition, in many age groups, La Roca offers teams at various levels of in-state competition allowing the individual player to choose the level of commitment and competition that suits the player, while still enjoying high levels of training. La Roca places players on teams based on skill level and strives to have premier, select and developmental teams in all age groups when possible.

Adolfo Ovalle, Director of Coaching, holds an “USSF” A license, “NSCAA” Premier Diploma and a National Youth License. He played professional for 15 years before establishing La Roca. He expects the highest level of professionalism from his coaches and trainers. La Roca has more A, B and C licensed coaches than any other club in the state.

2016 Spring Game Schedule



Tryouts, Player Placement and Registration

La Roca tryouts are held once a year in late spring for all players. Teams are formed from these tryouts. Placement on a team is determined by skill level. Notification of player placement will be posted on the La Roca website 3-4 days after all tryouts are completed. Please check for tryout results. Registration will occur immediately after tryouts.

La Roca strives to have Premier and Select team(s) in each age group (U11-U18). The number of teams formed is ultimately determined by the number of players trying out in each age group as well as coach availability.

Once placed on a team, a player is expected to make a year commitment to La Roca (June 2012 through May 2013). Each player must register through La Roca. All teams will hold team meetings prior to beginning training to discuss team plans and tournaments.

Training begins in mid June and continues through November. It is recommended that all players take the month of December off. Training resumes in January and continues through May. During the winter months, teams are encouraged to train at area indoor facilities. Teams may also elect to play indoor soccer or Futsal. Additional fees are charged for use of indoor facilities as well as indoor soccer / futsal leagues.

La Roca will make every effort to place all players in the U8 through U10 age groups. Once placed, players are required to register with La Roca. These teams will practice outside June through October for the fall season and then again March through May. The fall season games are held September through October and spring season is April through May. During the winter months, teams move indoor to train.

High school age players (U15-U18) play only one season of competitive soccer with La Roca. The boys will begin training in June and continue through February. Their competitive season runs September and October with State Cup occurring in October.

Training will continue through February (until the boys try out for their respective high schools). If players do not make their high school teams or elect not to try out, provisional teams will be formed if enough players are interested in forming a team.

The girls (U15-18) will be placed on teams after tryouts and will train June and July. High school tryouts occur in early August. These girls will play for their respective high schools August through October. If players do not make their high school teams or elect not to try out, provisional teams will be formed if there are enough players. In November, the competitive teams will come back together and train through May. The competitive season for U15-U18 girls runs April and May with State Cup being held in mid May. Registration is expected by all U15-U18 girls in June even though they do not play their season until the next spring.

All La Roca teams are encouraged to play in tournaments. Premier teams will travel to out-of-state tournaments 2-4 times per year as well as play several in-state tournaments. Select teams may travel to 1-2 out-of-state tournaments as well as play in several in-state tournaments.