Announcing our new La Roca Foundation

La Roca Foundation is established to raise funds for players who can’t afford the costs of annual club soccer participation. We are committed to helping our players reach their goals and achieve their dreams. Every year, as an organization, La Roca FC grants more than $60,000 in scholarship aid to our player families. Depending on the age and level of play, a single player could incur from $500 upwards of $5,000 in a single season with training fees, travel expenses, registration fees and tournament fees.
Many of our teams play at the highest level possible in Western Region IV and participate in the Desert Premier League, which takes place several times a year against top teams in Arizona, Nevada, Colorado and New Mexico. In addition, many of our teams advance beyond the State Cup and travel to Regional Cup competition and in some instances advance all the way to the National Cup, which is an investment for many families, but can also be a financial sacrifice. Our foundation is set up to offset these expenses for many players whose families are not in a position to make such an investment.
We seek donations from many sources from generous individual donors to larger corporations funders that see the value in investing in our dedicated youth. A sponsorship or donation to La Roca will benefit more than 100 youth who need help to play the game they love. As a 501(c)3 organization, all donation assistance to La Roca is tax deductible.
Please help our players reach their goals by donating to the La Roca Foundation. Contact Adolfo Ovalle for more information.

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