2016 Region IV ODP Player Pools Announced—21 La Roca Players Selected


Congratulations to our La Roca ODP players.

US Youth Soccer announced the 2016 player pools for the Girls of Region IV. Each player pool contains at least 37 names with the largest containing 64. Utah is well-represented, containing 21 of the 304 players selected, eight of whom are from La Roca. Region IV contains the 14 organizations, the 13 westernmost states, and California has a North and a South.

The player pools were assembled after the Region IV camp held at Linfield College in McMinnville, Oregon. Each player at the camp had to receive an invite in order to attend. While at the camp, players received training from Region IV coaches, which was influential in the creation of the player pools. These player pools will eventually be narrowed down to an 18-man roster, which will then compete against the other U.S. regions later this year.

GIRLS 99 Player Pool
Mizuho Obayashi (La Roca AB), Sophia Riffo-Jenson (La Roca S-CS)

GIRLS 00 Player Pool
Sammie Murdock (La Roca-TC)

GIRLS 02 Player Pool
Abbie Kotter (La Roca FD)

GIRLS 03 Player Pool
Adelyn Boer (La Roca RH)

GIRLS 04 Player Pool
Hailey Gadd (La Roca FD), Isabel Stratton (La Roca S-JS), Ellie Walbruch (La Roca RH)


The Boys player pools were announced as well. Each player pool contains at least 34 names with the largest containing 38. Only the Boys player pools for the 00-03 age groups have been announced. Utah is well-represented containing 34 of the 144 players selected, roughly a quarter of the players with 13 coming from La Roca.

BOYS 00 Player Pool
Luke Merrill (La Roca DC), David Chevez (La Roca DC)

BOYS 01 Player Pool
Ben Ortiz (La Roca S AB), Chase Scovel (La Roca DC), Julian Vazquez (La Roca AO)

BOYS 02 Player Pool
Roy Mendoza-Huerta (La Roca TJ), Austin Ciampini (La Roca TJ), Luke Johnson (La Roca TJ), Nathan Ortiz (La Roca TJ)

BOYS 03 Player Pool
Ilan Hernandez (La Roca DC), Christian Nydegger ( La Roca S-CS), Noah Robinson (La Roca S-CS), Dante Silvestri (La Roca S-CS)

Congratulations to our La Roca players, and good luck on making the final roster!

The full ODP Regional Pool lists are located here.

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